23 Medium Layered Hair Ideas to Copy in 2021

Has you hair been looking dull and lifeless? If so, you should consider adding layers to your hair! Layers can frame the face, create a more voluminous look and make your hair look softer and lighter. Not only that, but they look super stylish too. Today we have 23 medium layered hair ideas. Medium is a great hair length because it is not too short or too long so the hair is simple to maintain and style. Take a look and see what fantastic hairstyles are on propose.

1. Medium Layered Hair in Blonde

First up, we have this popular blonde style. For this look, the hair is just past the shoulders and features long layers. We love the style, the sun-kissed color and the loose waves. It is just a lovely and simple to wear style. You can try the cut in any color but a similar blonde shade will be great for the summer.

Medium Layered Hair in Blonde

Source: @helenbhair

2. Chic Hair with Short Layers at the Front

As with any other cut, there are different styles of layers that you can try. This next hairstyle features subtle layers. So, as you can see, the hair is medium length with the shortest layers at the front. Short layers at the front will frame the face beautifully and give the hair some shape. This is a chic and fantastic way to layers and this cut will suit everyone.

3. Choppy Layered Medium Hair

If you want your layers to make more of a statement, this is great for you. Here we have choppy medium length hair. As you can see, the layers are quite short and textured so they are bolder than the ones above. This is a Sweet haircut and the beachy waves are great for the spring and summer. If you have straight hair, then you can still add texture to the layers without the waves.

Choppy Layered Medium Hair

Source: @riawna

4. Burgundy Layered Hair Idea

Next, we have a popular cut and color to show you. The hair is a small shorter here and the length just hits the shoulders. Again, the layers are quite long but they do make a difference to the hair. The whole cut is finished off with a wealthy and dark burgundy. It is a stunning color and it really jazzes up the simple cut. Burgundy is a great color for the fall and winter.

5. Edgy and Textured Hair

Give your hair a small edge by choosing a style like this. The hair has a length that just hits the shoulder but if the hair was straight, it would be a small longer. These layers are quite long and the hair is styled into textured waves. The waves look so popular and they will look differently depending on you wear them. One day the hair could have a boho vibe and one day have rock chic look. So, this style will suit everyone.

Edgy and Textured Medium Hair

Source: @riawna

6. Beautiful Blonde Hair with Layers

The next hair idea is classy, chic and elegant. For this look, the hair is medium length and the layers are different lengths. We love this because it makes the hair look lightweight and full of volume. Hair like this is so simple to wear and it will suit women of all ages. It will look astonishing in any hair color.

7. Cute Layered Haircut with Bangs

This haircut is one of our favorites and really want to try it! Here we have medium length layered hair. Straight across bangs have also been added to the hair. We love the bangs because they look so pretty and Sweet. The whole style also has a 70’s vibe. This is a really stylish look and it is another style that will be great for the summer.

8. Stylish Ombre Shag Haircut

Speaking of the 70’s, this next hair is inspired by that decade too. This hairstyle is a popular shag cut. The style was very popular and had a rock’n’roll vibe. Here is a modern version. The style has the classic layered cut but with stylish ombre color. This is a fun hairstyle that will make a statement.

9. Easy to Wear Layered Hair with Highlights

Next, we have another stylish and simple to wear cut. For this look, the hair hits the shoulder and it has long and subtle layers. The whole style is finished off with summery highlights. It is a lovely hair idea and it will really give your hair a makeover. Recreate this or you can opt for shorter layers.

10. Medium Layered Hair with Lots of Layers

If you like the waved look, then check this out. The longest layers of the hair hit the shoulders while the shortest look is about cheek length at the front. All of the hair is styled into textured waves. This is a pretty and Sweet style. You can try a similar cut, style and color or try the layers with straight hair in a color of your choice.

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