The Best Glass Decor For Small Space Solutions

The Best Glass Decor For Small Space Solutions

Making a room feel bigger can be done with a few tricks, such as applying an open concept, minimizing the use of furniture, and many more. But even though all the methods have been done, the room still feels cramped in some parts. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable, which feels cramped room will affect the overall home decor. If so, you need the top solution to make the room feel bigger and the mirror is the top choice to work around this. You must always be careful in decorating, this also applies to choosing the type of mirror you want to use. Do you want to place a large mirror in a specific space or create a mirror wall for multiple visual effects? Make your room feel larger by choosing the top mirror idea in some corners and walls of your home!

Mirror Decor

Placing a large mirror into the room is a great way to make a room feel bigger. Use a large mirror in several corners of your room such as the bedroom, living room or other room that you think feels cramped. The effect of reflection from the mirror, which gives the impression area because the room will look three-dimensional. The top place is probably in the corner of the room, although you can also place it in the middle of the room or blend with furniture such as a dresser or cupboard. Besides being simple to use, the mirror itself can add artistic style to any space.

Mirror Walls

Slightly different from mirrors in general, mirror walls are decorations that blend into the interior. Its function is virtually identical to the mirror that we already cognize, but the walls of the mirror has a wider range of space. To make it look more attractive and less rigid, mirror walls usually have interesting frames or frames, and some even select DIY projects by recycling ancient items as mirror frames.

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