The Best Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe!

This is the top Cosmopolitan Cocktail recipe! It’s simple to make and uses only 4 simple ingredients. Also, read below to learn fun facts and the history of this go-to cocktail too.

Cosmopolitan cocktail with a lime wheel in a coupe glass.

A cosmo is one of our favorite, simple cocktails. Don’t let its bright pink color fool you, as it’s surprisingly lower in calories and sugar. It’s also a cocktail that can be enjoyed year round and great for holiday parties or summer obtain togethers!

Before we dive into the recipe for our cosmopolitan martini, it’s useful to cognize something about its history! You can use these fun facts to entertain your guests as you prepare their drinks.

Cosmopolitan cocktail overhead picture with lime.

Are cosmopolitans strong?

Cosmopolitan martinis are strong, but the ingredients make them smooth and quite tasty. Be careful! You can make pitchers of perfectly mixed ingredients or prepare martinis for two for a date night at home.

What does a cosmopolitan taste like?

Lime presents a sour flavor that sets the tone for the drink. The Cointreau as a layer of sweetness and refreshing orange flavor. The cranberry gives the cosmopolitan its signature pink hue and adds tartness to the mix. Finally, vodka dilutes the flavors and lifts them for a complex drink profile that has many fans.

Is Cointreau the same as Triple Sec?

Cointreau is a top-shelf orange liqueur. It is a triple sec style of alcohol, although it’s not labeled as one. Grand Marnier is another heavyweight in the triple sec category.

Lime juice, pink cocktail in a shaker and a bottle of vodka.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail Ingredients

There are 4 simple ingredients in this cosmo! Just keep these ingredients on hand and you can whip one up anytime.

  • Cranberry Juice – Use a cranberry juice that is sweet, like Ocean Spray. The organic, unsweetened cranberry juice will not work when making a cosmo.
  • Lime Juice – Always use fresh-squeezed.
  • Vodka – See below for some good options.
  • Cointreau – You can also try it with triple sec too.

Another option is using cranberry-pom juice blend or a cranberry-apple blend of Ocean Spray!

Small bottles Cointreau

How to Make a Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Many mixologists add their own flair to their Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe. However, there are certain elements shared by each self-respecting cosmo.

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