Decorate With the Colors of the Forest This Autumn

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Taking a walk through the forest in autumn is like attending a color festival where greens, reds, browns, and ocher create a spectacular color landscape. And while it is true that we cannot take the forest home with us, why not take its colors with us?

When we think of decorating the house with autumn colors we can obtain carried away by the clichés and think that brown and at Trendy moss green will invade our textiles, walls, and carpets. But instead, if we look at the forest (and there are many) we will not only find that green-brown color pairing. On the contrary, we were surprised and admired by the multitude of autumnal colors that turn the forests into a visual spectacle: ocher, oranges, calderas, reds, garnets, purples, greens, browns…

If you have ever walked through the forest at an early hour, the mist will have enveloped you, leaving a mysterious and nostalgic halo around you. The landscape is made up of colder colors and yet elegant and sophisticated.

In autumn you want to be snuggled up and feel wrapped in our house. The range of colors between beige and brown reminiscent of the different trees that you can find in the forest is great for decorating the living room. If you dress the floor with a carpet on top, the feeling of warmth and comfort will be unsurpassed.


 Decorating with the autumnal range does not have to be linked to a more rustic decoration. The townhouses can also dress autumn and remain urban. 

Contemplating the commute of season in a forest is like witnessing an explosion of color. And in autumn the chromatic metamorphosis is more evident. A color palette that never fails is reddish colors, from orange, through reds and garnets to flashes of purple.

Autumn has rainy days, where the sun’s rays are barely visible. On those days the color of the forest also changes and you can enjoy other more sober and intense colors but just as autumnal, such as grays, browns, calderas, garnets, and ocher.

At this point, we cognize that the forest in autumn is not only dressed in brown tones. Yellows and ocher also play an important role. And (attention) the purple ones too. Cheerful colors that you can use in your textiles and combine them as in this bedroom.

Pineapples, leaves, chestnuts, take a piece of the forest home, and create lovely centerpieces.

The forests located at higher elevations begin to dress in white when the first snowflakes fall in autumn. The color palette changes and we find a floured landscape where white and brown tend to be the predominant colors.

If when it is cold all the forest animals take refuge in their burrow, we could say that the chimney has the same effect. Autumn afternoons are not the same without a good silent fire where only the cracking of chips is heard.

Who said that fall is nostalgic and depressing? It is true that we long to have more hours of light but it also invites us to feel warm, to live in more welcoming environments, and to feel the warmth of being at home. And above all, to enjoy its colors, like the ones we find in the forest.


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