6 Customized Children’s Bunk Beds

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There are fathers and mothers who do not put anything ahead. They are genuine artists! Bunk beds converted into houses, barns, and even medieval castles. Some even have a slide! With these proposals, who wants to grow up?

Do your children share the room and it is also really large? Turn your bed into a fun dollhouse. Upstairs, a well-secluded area to rest well, and downstairs a comfortable space to read, play… And don’t forget to mark who each bed belongs to!

Only for very pro parents and true handymen. What was at first a simple children’s bunk now looks like a small house with Nordic touches. White, wood, natural fibers, and, of course, some delicate garlands for when it gets dark. Very hygge, right?

With this romantic, cozy, and delicate bedroom, you won’t want to obtain out of bed! The trick for that special and enveloping effect? The pale pink of the wallpaper, the sheets, the roof tent, the deep pile carpet… We love pink!

A children’s bunk bed can become an original mountain to climb each night to sleep. In addition to providing greater security to the small one who sleeps upstairs, her bed becomes an unexplored place and a lot of horizons to discover. Ideal for explorers.

Simple and with extra warmth. So this children’s bedroom with bunk beds. Like a small house, but only with the structure. The rest is done by the lovely chosen wallpaper.

The pedagogue María Montessori defended that each child should develop at their own pace, but above all in an autonomous and freeway. And how to obtain it? The Trendy important thing is that they have their toys, clothes, and books (and the bed, of course) accessible. That is to say, at its height. This way they can be more autonomous and depend less on us, adults. Do you want to cognize more about this method?


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