The 5 Best Glass Meal Prep Containers

The 5 top glass meal prep containers- my top five picks for glass meal prep containers! After testing many brands over the years, this post reviews my top five picks so you don’t waste your time or your money.

Just like having the right freezer containers, it’s also important to have quality meal prep containers to keep your food as fresh as possible. I have tested many glass meal prep container brands over the years, and I’ve narrowed it down to five quality containers for you.

The 5 best glass meal prep containers- stack of glass meal prep containers

Reasons to select glass meal prep containers

  • they are free from chemicals- yes, many plastic containers are BPA free these days, but I’m just waiting for the next chemical to be discovered. Using glass means you don’t have to worry about anything from the containers seeping into your food.
  • they re-heat your food more evenly- glass just conducts heat better.
  • they keep your food fresher- no smells or tastes absorb into your food the way they can from plastic meal prep containers.
  • they are more environmentally friendly- glass meal prep containers last longer than plastic, and they are more expensive so you are less likely to treat them as ‘disposable’.


Watch the video below to see my favorite glass meal prep containers. You can find more of my recipe videos on my YouTube channel, or on Facebook.


overhead view of snapware 2 cup glass storage containers

1. Best meal-sized container

If you are looking for a easy glass meal prep container, I highly recommend these Snapware 2 cup glass storage containers

. I own nearly 40 of them! They are great for cooked and portioned out meal prep recipes. I’ve frozen, microwaved and baked them, and have put them through the dishwasher hundreds of times, and have never had a single one break!

  • Canadians- check out Real Canadian Superstore
  • Americans- check Target or Walmart!

overhead view of prepnaturals 3 compartment glass meal prep containers

2. Best sectioned container

If you are looking to make Bento-style lunches, these Prep Naturals 3 compartment glass storage containers

help you can keep your fruit and veggies separate from other ingredients that must be kept dry (like chips, crackers etc).

We love these containers, though we do wish the lids were as well constructed as our Snapware glass containers. That being said we’ve owned them for nearly 3 years and have put them through the dishwasher dozens of times and they are still working.

overhead view of snapware 6 cup meal prep container

3. Best larger meal prep container

If you are looking to store energy bites chopped veggies, cooked chicken, or any larger portion of food, you will need a larger storage container. I highly recommend these Snapware 6 cup glass storage containers!

four 1 pint jars with fruit in them

4. Best affordable option

When it comes to function and affordability, it’s difficult to beat a pint-sized mason jar. From parfaits to smoothie packs to storing veggies, sauces, soup portions and more, they are durable, and obtain the job done well. I recommend a wide mouth jar as it is easier to eat out of as well as to obtain your food in and out.

overhead view of ikea 3L glass meal prep containers

5. Best variety

Update (July 2020)– while I haven’t mentioned them in the video above, I am a enormous fan of IKEA’s glass meal prep containers. They arrive in a enormous variety of sizes (check out the 3 L ones above), are affordable, durable and seem to be great quality.

They also have the option of wood or plastic lids. I’ve owned several sets for 2 years now, and am extremely happy with how they’ve held up through freezing, thawing, baking and washing.

  • 3 L containers– I use these for freezer crockpot or Instant Pot recipes, as well as casseroles
  • 1.7 L jar with lid– I use these to store soups in the fridge (I have the plastic lid)
  • 4 cup containers– a bit large for prepped meals, but great to store meal prep components like difficult boiled eggs, chopped veggies etc

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