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In summer it is when we take the Trendy advantage of the outdoor spaces: the terrace, the garden, the balcony, the patio … But in order to enjoy them throughout the day, especially the dining area, it is necessary to have elements that cast shade, such as pergolas, awnings, or gazebos.

Depending on where you are going to place it – terrace or garden – some materials will work better than others. If you have a garden, natural pergolas with vines or climbing plants look great. Of course, plant them in enough time to cover the structure in a dense way and to enjoy a generous shade.

Wood, hurdle, or aluminum? With a canvas, glass, or vegetable roof? Before deciding what type of pergola you need and its coverage, consider its location, the weather, and the effect you want to cause with it. Once chosen, enjoy the exterior in style! 

The natural heather, reed, or wicker covers are formed by branches of these materials woven with galvanized wire that avoid their oxidation creating a more or less dense surface. They are bought in rolls and also have their artificial version. Without being the structures that cover the Trendy, they have the charm of generating that special sun and shadow games.

Look at this porch, a pergola similar to the previous example has been installed, made of painted galvanized iron, but here it has been covered with reed. During the day, the sun’s rays naturally filter through its branchesEven in the evening, it will be a pleasure to sit in this dining room and extend the evening until late at night. It is essential to decorate with lanterns!

Natural materials are great for the beach or country houses because they integrate perfectly with the environment. And if you do not see how good this pergola on the terrace with a wooden structure and bamboo cover, super resistant. With its whitewashed façade, exposed stone and chairs, and fiber lamp, it’s the top! Surround the dining room with plants and feel the chill.

Do you want to eat in your rustic house and have the feeling of being surrounded by nature? Nothing better than letting your wooden pergola be covered in green vines. Choose from species resistant to extreme climates, such as ivy, kiwi, or vine. The latter is fast growing and its tendrils will not cause damage to the structure. And who knows, maybe you can even eat your own dessert grapes!

Did you cognize that the natural reed roof is cheaper than the artificial one? The price of the artificial depends on the length of the roll and the terminate, single or double-sided. Whatever you put, the effect on your wooden pergola will be super cozy. The canteen awning in this dining room, located on the porch, matches the esparto roller blinds that can be seen in the distance in the outdoor living room. A tannn atmosphere from the South!

If you have a garden, covering the pergola frame with a vine or climbing plant is a very decorative and fresh option. The only “but” is that you will have to wait a while (for it to grow) to enjoy the shade of this green cover.

They are fixed or folding, which allows regulating the entrance of light according to the needs. Acrylic fabric is the Trendy suitable for its good performance since it protects from the sun and rain, it usually has anti-UV and anti-dirt treatments. You can buy fabric for awnings and make them measure.

Bamboo is a very resistant wood, even superior to that of pine and fir. It also holds moisture well and is very stable. It lets the sun and shade through very well, although you must treat it often to nourish it.


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