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Providing wellness is the goal of toilets and taps, showers, and accessories.

Imagine… An ideal bathroom. The genuine luxury in a bathroom? For me, clearly, space and natural light. That would be the top setting to turn it into a stay dedicated to well-being … and relaxation. But the truth is that reality usually goes the other way and many bathrooms have neither light nor space. Whatever the starting point, following some of these keys you can draw, and imagine, your ideal bathroom.

One better than two. It is better to have a spacious bathroom than two small ones. So if you can unify a bathroom and an adjacent toilet, do it, it will be much more practical.

Locate the toilets. Whether the bathroom is rectangular or square conditions the distribution. But the decisive element is the downpipes, which will mark the situation of the toilet and the shower. The ideal? Draw “L” distributions, which abandon the maximum free space in the middle. Thus, visual amplitude and mobility are gained.

Everything in order. My maxim: order equals harmony. So the vanity unit must have dividers and drawers so that everything has its place. And if it is a suspended design, the better.

Double sink. Ideally, each member of the couple should have one. But that means having a 120 cm countertop. For the toilet and bidet, select suspended models with elevated backpacks. They are more elegant and easier to clean.

Showers to the last. Ground-level designs are visually lighter and more enjoyable for everyday use. The Trendy comfortable taps are those that are built into the wall. And if you’re looking for maximum well-being, don’t give up on a ceiling sprayer.

Ideally, each member of the couple should have a sink. To do this, you need a counter of a minimum of 120 cm.

The spaciousness of this bathroom has made it possible to locate the freestanding bathtub, lined with a wooden skirt that matches the under the sink.

Natural materials guarantee healthier baths. This is lined with stone and oak with a natural terminate.

This is what this hot tub offers, accessed from a small step.

If you can afford it, try to give your bathroom natural light: avoid humidity and odors and you will enjoy your stay more.


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