30+ Cute Halloween Costumes For Teenage Girls That You Can Wear To School

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Are you looking for the top Halloween costumes that you can pull off in school? If so, you’re in the right place!

These 30 surprisingly Sweet Halloween costumes are great if you’re looking for an affordable costume idea that will impress everyone in class. You can team up with your top friends to create a duo or trio costume, or simply copy one of these looks yourself.

Most of the items that you need to recreate these looks are available on Nordstrom, Walmart or Target, so remember to check them when you commence shopping for your costume!

And now without further ado, let’s obtain into the looks!


1. Bratz Costume



Image Via Pinterest



2. Devil & Angel



Image Via Pinterest



3. LED Masks & Chainsaws



Image Via Pinterest



4. Cruella De Vil



Image Via Hacks & Knacks



5. Construction Workers



Image Via Pinterest



6. Monsters Inc



Image Via Pinterest



7. Mario & Luigi



Image Via Pinterest



8. Netflix & Chill



Image Via Pinterest



9. Powerpuff Girls



Image Via Pinterest



10. Cute Tennis Players



Image Via @Jourdan Blight



11. Swat Team



Image Via Pinterest



12. Target & Starbucks Peeps



Image Via Pinterest



13. The Sun & The Moon


Image Via Pinterest



14. Kiss Gang



Image Via Savvy College Girl



15. Holographic Gals



Image Via Pinterest



16. Devil & Angel



Image Via The Odyssey



17. Alice In Wonderland



Image Via Pinterest



18. Hawaiian Girls



Image Via Pinterest



19. Girl Scouts



Image Via @Lovellup



20. Cupid



Image Via Pinterest



21. Cow Gang



Image Via Beauty Riot



22. Clueless



Image Via Blonde Banter



23. Scary Ballerina



Image Via Pinterest



24. Jelly Belly Machine



Image Via Chickens, Cheese & Beans



25. She Doesn’t Even Go Here!



Image Via Pinterest



26. Salt & Pepper



Image Via Pinterest



27. Thing 1 & 2



Image Via Lauren Conrad



28. Jenelope From Bring It On



Image Via BGLH Marketplace



29. Alice In Wonderland



Image Via Pinterest



30. Harley Quinn



Image Via Pinterest



31. Red Hot Devil 


Image Via Pinterest

This one is a small raunchier, so if you’re wearing this to school, make sure to bring a long sleeves shirt or a leather jacket with you to cover up!

Which of these costumes was your favorite? Let me cognize in the comments!


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